Counseling Services Debra Klemann, LCPC | Kalispell, MT

My Philosophy

My philosophy on counseling is strength and solution-based, focusing on the competence and courage of people to overcome life’s challenges. My methods of intervention are based in family systems theory as well as cognitive behavioral theory. That is I believe that our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are all connected and in altering one we can alter the other two. I also focus my treatment on people’s relationships. Sometimes it is helpful to bring family members into counseling to help support treatment.

Therapy sessions with children and adolescents are typically more structured. With young children 0-6, guardians are asked to be part of the entire sessions. With older children, parents can be part of the beginning or end of sessions. Parenting support, goals, and clinical recommendations are part of the treatment plan for minors.

The treatment of childhood trauma, such as sexual abuse, physical abuse, or a traumatic experience, is done through evidenced-based interventions that follow a distinct treatment plan.