Frequently Asked Questions Debra Klemann, LCPC, LMFT | Kalispell, MT

Q: Who should come to counseling?

A: In most cases, it is important for all those who have a vested interest in the presenting problem, to come to counseling. I find it helpful to have a variety of viewpoints on the issues being discussed. I do welcome individuals as well. In this case I would spend some time exploring your relationships and how they relate to your current concerns. All minors must be accompanied by their guardians.

Q: What can I expect from counseling?

A: First, I will need to spend some time exploring the problems that have brought you to seek a counselor. If the client is a minor, I will often spend time talking with the guardian or referring party. As a counselor, I see my responsibilities as listening, providing a safe environment, clarifying feelings, conveying my observations, and providing some suggestions for working towards goals. I see the client’s responsibilities as being open, honest, and committed toward treatment goals.

Q: What is the length of counseling?

A: The length of sessions is typically 50 minutes. The course of therapy is dependent on the type of issues and problems, and the progress towards goals. Sometimes issues are resolved quite quickly in 4-6 sessions, other times goals take longer to reach. Some evidenced practices that I utilized take 10-12 weeks. Initially meeting weekly optimizes progress. At some point we may determine that bi-monthly sessions are more appropriate.

Q: Will my insurance company cover my sessions?

A: Many insurance companies will reimburse for mental health or behavioral health services. Be sure to contact your insurance provider before the initial appointment to understand your benefits, including co-pay, deductible, and number of sessions allowed.